ZOE-Can: Know-Your Battery, Charge performance and Range

ZoeCan informs you about all relevant Battery parameters and fits nicely into your ZOE R240 and R410 console. It comes with a state of the Art OLED Display providing optimal readability. It auto powers on and off, and keeps track of consumption and battery health.

If you want to get out the most of your Zoe Battery, ZoeCan is a must.


ZoeCan provides basic parameters like temperature, Battery health and kilowatts charged.


ZoeCan calculates Range for three different consumtions levels at a time.
So you definitively know how far you will get, when driving faster or slower.
ZoeCan makes it easy to keep the maximum speed and reach your target safely.


Improve your round trip times, by getting the most out of your battery and optimizing the charge strategy and reduce waiting times at a charger:
Battery charge speed depends on varous parameters and is not constant. So it may happen frequently that you arrive at a charger, but your ZOE will take hours to get charged because the battery is not in the correct state to charge as fast as possible.
ZoeCan tells you exactly how fast your Battery will actually be charged. So even before you arrive at a charger you will know if it is worth it!

While charging, the charge power of the ZOE is changes constantly. To increase round trip time, it maybe better to go on, leave the charger and drive to the next one, keeping the battery at optimm charge levels.  ZoeCan informs you if it is worth waiting.


ZoeCan, fits nicely in your center console. It works night an day and is a gadget free of cables. It is plugged right into your OBD2 Port in the Console and replaces the rubber mat.

ZOE-Can: Know-Your Battery, Charge performance and Range
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